Wednesday, August 29, 2012

okay so you've landed here.

this blog is dead.

sorry to get your hopes up!



theres more!

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

random thoughts again..

ok so ive been thinking a lot lately... more like daydreaming...
i kept asking myself what to do with my life?

well here are some of my goals... some might be seemingly impossible but WHO CARES! dream big and you'll achieve it! =P

ok here they are
1. get a well-paid job... DUH!
2. marry Tiffany FOR REAL.. dont ask why! XD
3. live a happy life =)
4. be able to parachute out of a plane.. dont ask why either! =)
5. tour around the world with Fany
6. be a good husband
7. be a good father
8. be a good grandfather
9. be a good great "" ...... and etc etc
10. have an uber cool phone! wait.. thats what i want right now.. =) heh

anyways.. those are my goals... dont ask me how im gonna achieve it because i myselfe have no clue at all... FOR NOW... but i'll show the world! that i'll achieve it! =)

but 1st i have to study for my selaras exam then mid term then trials then SPM! T.T
then i'll go search for Fany.... heh...

its sunday which means... MONDAY is coming.. T.T schools reopening and i havent start on english oral, my nearl completed physics peka, my nearly completed maths graph, my uncompleted/untouched/pilled bm homework and sayembara... gee... how am i gonna do it in less than 24 hours? maybe i'll just ring ding dong myself then go to school and dance sorry sorry in front of my teacher and then i'll go oh oh oh oh.......... forget it! =.=

*this proves how addicted i am... which is good but NOT GOOD*

anyways.. i hope everyone out there will enjoy this lovely sunday!

hmmm maybe i should post some videos...
on second thought maybe next time...
my hands are full right now.. sorry.. =)

anyways have a nice weekend and happy chinese new year everyone! =)

anhyeong! =)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

the nut is back!

ok im back.. after a loooooooong and tiring week of schooling, i can finally get a week off! yeah!! before i forget, happy chinese new year! and happy valentines day too! =)

im sure everyone wants to know whats going on in my mind... right?
well frankly speaking, there's literally nothing much right now except




and this

and this too

that pretty much sums up my mind right now lol...
epic? thought so... =)

darn. im hungry at this hour... =.=

better get some sleep! nites.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

ma name is nut. MACADAMIA nut.

lol... random title. haha..

anyways... i've been watching episode 13 of invincible youth like 3 times already.. it never gets old! i'll share my joy with u later...

my life is awesome but its tiring.
there's so much homework to complete.
and so little time. =.=

gosh its february already....
and im still in the holiday mood. thats not good! =.=
im trying my best to get my head in the game.. which in this case study.

im getting that feeling again. there's another someone. why? of all time. why in 2010? =.=
but its kind of a good thing too cause i need motivation. coz im a sanguine and also a phlegmatic... i need motivation. someone to drive me....

ok now time to share the fun i've had these few days..


im kinda lazy to post all the parts... so after ur done watching part one.. go and search for part two and watch... there's no subtitle though... sry.. but do enjoy their fun... =)

time for me to get updated...


Saturday, January 30, 2010


yesh! snsd's new album is out! woohoo! but i dunno where to buy it... and to top it off... im almost broke... darn... must save up! huhu.. better get some rest... im soooooooooooooo tired..... =.=


oh oh oh oh!

Friday, January 22, 2010


22 January 2010

week 3

2340 hours

chapter 1

thank goodness its Friday!


the day i've been waiting since monday.
a day where ppl fry stuff...
a day called fry.

ok cut the crap.
yeah im back.
had intervensi this whole week and it was jjang!
we were tested on form 4 topics which i totally forgot. DARN.
what a wonderful world.

stuff to do.
1.physics intervensi correction. rumusan intervensi. komsas intervensi.
3.moral kerja amal report.
4.chemistry paper 2 intervensi.
4.1.chemistry paper 3 intervensi.

must have items
1. a pair of OAKLEY spectacles
2.a new phone with high storage capacity
3.snsd's 2nd album OH!
4.a nikon dslr camera. d3000 or maybe a d60
5.durian and mango swiss roll and carrot cake from the shop opposite popular in petaling street.
6.$$$ and loads of it. maybe aroooooooooooound 10k airsoft gun
8.upgrades for my surefire

talk about dreaming BIG.

ive been pretty busy lately.
a glimpse of my daily schedule

-class till 3pm
-watch music bank at 6 till 7.30pm
-add maths tuition at 8.15pm till 10pm
-watch roundtable plus at 11.20
-will procrastinate

-class till 3pm
-sports practice at 3PM! =.= till 4.30pm (but someones there so its ok! =D)
-watch invincible youth at 6.15pm

-class till 2.30pm
-adg after school
-chem tuition at kasturi at 3.50pm till 5pm.
-will buy durian and mango swissroll or carrot cake from that shopnearpopularbookstore.
-maths tution at 8.30pm till 10pm

-class till 2.30pm
-will somehow have undone late adg.
-tk leong's bio at kasturi at 3.50pm till 5pm.
-same as wed.

-its just awesome. with a fullstop. =)

what a wonderful life huh?
anyways, i have cross-country 2mrw.. so gotta recharge!


Sunday, January 10, 2010

ok maybe just one more

this one has cuteness all over it...